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Kelly C

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Quizzes [Mar. 29th, 2005|01:52 pm]
Kelly C
[mood |busybusy]
[music |You're So Vain-Gilderoy's Song! =P]

I didn't cheat to get what I want on any I swear! Those are genuine answers..........kinda.

You are the ultimate wizard on Gilderoy questions!
Either you really love him or you love to hate
him! Great job!

How well do you know Gilderoy Lockhart?
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Ethier love or hate? God, that's obvivous isn't it? I hate that man Gilderoy Lockhart, he's so vain, perfect and full of himself.....and it's those three reasons why I love him!

Kenneth Branagh
Which Disenchanted Harry Potter Star Are You?

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What in the BLUE hell does 'very zen' mean? Please 'xplain.

Gilderoy Lockhart - Handsome and cheery, with the most charming smile around. Loved and admired by all (well, almost) and always in the centre of attention. Conceited? nonsense. He's just a
Gilderoy Lockhart

Who is your ideal Harry Potter man?
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I just loff Lockhart so mucho its unbelieveable!

I got Kenneth Branagh
Kenneth Branagh

Who Is Your British Sex God
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Looky looky! You know, that movie Hamlet looks pretty good. But thats the one thst lasts four hours right? Yeesh, not sure I can withstand THAT kidna pressure.....but then again Kenneth IS Hamlet (who is the main character surprise surprise!) so maybe I could endure four hours of a film if he's innit alot.

You scored as Antonio Banderas. You belong with Antonio Banderas! Yep, he's hot. What more can I say?

Sexcellent Antonio quote: "We'd love you to stay, but you'd be in the way, so do up your trousers and GO!"


Antonio Banderas


Sean Connery




Alan Rickman


Jason Isaacs


Glenn Danzig


Tim Armstrong


Orlando Bloom


Sexy Man Quiz
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Hee! Antonio & Lockhart what a lovely day it is!

Your Illustrious Hogwarts Career by jgurlpunkrck
Your name
Your house
Your sex buddy
Most notable achievementSuccessful seduction of Lupin
What happened?Became Stan Shunpike's apprentice
Where are you now?Having Sirius's puppies (long story...)
Mortality rate of students for your year: 27%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

That one took me ages to get Lockhart on you know.....I mean, that was like TOTALLY the first thing I put in there. Yeah, coz I REALLY wanna be in Ravenclaw! lol Don't particually like the whole 'seducing Lupin' thing, but since I get to do Lockhart I suppose it's not too bad!