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Kelly C

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It's happened. [Apr. 11th, 2005|09:08 pm]
Kelly C
[mood |soresore]
[music |Gone-N*Sync]

Thats right people....it's offically happened.

I have fell in love with Kenneth 'bloody' Branagh. I mean, not that its a bad thing-don't get me wrong. Cause 1. He plays the bestest ever character in Harry Potter. 2. He supports Manchester United so he is just teh cool and 3. He is seriosuly like the funniest guy I have ever read about. Trust me, if you've ever had his rant about the word 'cool' you know what I mean. If you haven't read it it's definately something that I would recommend. However, it is not intended for heart patients or those with nervous disorders. (See the Shrek 2 quote? Whoop. How coolio am I?)

Anyway, like I was saying. S'not a bad thing or anything. It's just that (for once) I thought I found a good actor whom I don't actaully fancy a tiny wee bit. Heres the time when I actually confess to fancying Harrison Ford (just a tiny wee bit-even though he is old enough to be my Grandad.) But, I just had to be my vain old self and start liking him too. I mean, Antonio is a good actor right? But I fancy him. Johnny Depp may well be the best actor around at the moment. But I fancy him. Jude Law......well, he's just soooo hot. Brad Pitt. Vin Diesel. Joaquin Phoniex (when he doesn't smile.) I even fancy Orlando Bloom at this moment in time (Twas a shock to me I'm telling you!)The Rock. Heath Ledger. Hayden from Star Wars. Freddie Ljungberg (not an actor AND an Arsenal playa but fit nonetheless.) Pierce Brosnan. Jim thatguywhoplaysJesus. Hugh Grant. Yeah.....and now to add to that list Kenneth Branagh. God I'm so.....whats the word? Shallow. Yeah lol.