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Kelly C

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Eddie G [Nov. 20th, 2005|06:23 pm]
Kelly C
[mood |sadsad]
[music |Here Without You Baby - Three Doors Down]

Well, I'm sure y'all know whats happened.....

A week later and I still can't believe it....Eddie was far too young, too much on top of his game, too goddman sexy (=P) and much too cute to die now.

There are no words that I could use that would even come close to the vast amount of "gutted-ness" I am feelin' right now. Its weird, I feel as if I knew him personally, but I don't. I never even seen him live. But, a lot of people actually feel the same. Eddie was that damn good that everyone felt that they knew him like a mate.

I'll probably never watch wrestling again...Well, Eddie was the one reason I watched it off and on anyway. That man got me into wrestling emotionally again. When I was "yay high" i used to love wrestling, like get dead into it and stuff. Like watching the ECW/WCW takeover, OMG, SOOOOO exciting! But after a while that excitement began to fade away. But then the God known as Eddie G came back and I was all excited again. The night he won the WWE title offa Brock is a night I will never forget. Gettin' up at three in the morning to watch my fave guy in the whole world achieve what he always wanted.....arrr, I can still remember watching the TV when Eddie jumped into the crowd after pinning Brock. Tears streamin' down my face, I was up and jumpin' everywhere and wanted to go tell everyone that Eddie had just won the title (however, I hit a slight drawback as it was approximatley four in the morning.) Nethertheless I toddled off the happiest girl in the world.

....Arrrr man Eddie, I miss ya already. God bless Latino Heat and marry me when I get to heaven =P